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  • Each participant competes at their own responsibility.
  • By paying the registration fee and signing the registration form, the participants accept the terms and conditions and agree to take part at their own risk (parents or caregivers accept this responsibility for underage participants by signing the registration form).
  • Participants must be in good physical shape.
  • The race will take place in all weather conditions unless the safety of the participants is at risk (extreme storm …). In such case, the organizing committee will decide upon a backup trail, backup parts of the trail, or complete cancellation of the race.
  • Due to the difficulty of the race, participants under the age of 18 cannot take part in 25, 35, and 50 km distances.
  • The trail/route will be well marked (strips, plates, flags …). The race staff and volunteers will be present at key points in order to direct the participants.
  • The organizer does not accept liability for any damage or injury made by the competitors to themselves, to other competitors, or to a third person.
  • We do not return the paid fees.
  • The registration cannot be transferred to 2024.
  • Change of registration (runner/biker change or distance change) is possible only until 20th June 2023. After this date, changes will only be possible at BIB pick up at an additional charge of 10 EUR (in case of transfers to a longer distance it is necessary to pay the difference in the fee as well). Contact for changes:
  • The organizer does not accept liability for any damage made to the participant’s gear.
  • Should the route marking be deficient or missing, runners have to report it at the nearest checkpoint.
  • All participants must carry the mandatory gear.
  • All participants must follow the marked path. Any use of shortcuts and going out of the marked trail will be punished with immediate disqualification. In case you don’t see any route markings for more than 200 meters, go back to the last marking and re-check the possibility of continuing.
  • A designated parking space will be available for teams, competitors and spectators.


The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program. If any changes shall be accepted the participants will be notified in time.


  • Failure to follow the marked trail/route and use of shortcuts (the trail has marked and hidden checkpoints). Each participant must be recorded at all checkpoints. Penalty for missing a checkpoint is disqualification.
  • Incomplete mandatory gear (organizer may at any time verify if participants have all the mandatory gear). Each participant must have and must show the mandatory equipment when asked to do so. Penalty for incomplete mandatory gear is 1 hour for every missing part. If you do not show the equipment, you are disqualified.
  • Disposal of trash on the trail or next to it – disqualification.
  • Using shortcuts, not following the marked path, coming to a check point or station from the wrong direction results in at least one hour penalty for each irreularity.
  • Using transport during the race – disqualification.
  • Insulting the organizer or volunteers – disqualification.
  • Failing to help a fellow participant in distress – disqualification.
  • Proceeding after the time limit – disqualification.
  • Disqualification or penalty can be immediate or upon detection of the irregularity.


167 km
* BIB number that must always be visible
Appropriate running shoes
Water reserve for the time between aid stations (1L)
*Cup (15 cL minimum)
Survival blanket (1,40 x 2,0 m minimum)
*Hooded jacket
Mobile phone
Food reserve
*Basic first aid kit


Mandatory gear is meant for your own safety! In case of bad weather conditions, the event organizer has the right to prescribe additional mandatory gear, which will be posted right before the start.

GEAR10 km15 km25 km35 km50 kmMTB
* BIB number that must always be visible
Appropriate running/MTB shoes
Water reserve for the time between aid stations (1L)
*Cup (15 cL minimum)
Survival blanket (1,40 x 2,0 m minimum)
*Hooded jacket
Mobile phone
Food reserve
*Basic first aid kit
- Mandatory      - Suggested     - Not needed

* BIB number must be placed at the front of your body, to your t-shirt or a belt, on bike in case of MTB.

* You need to bring your own drinking cup (15 cL minimum). There will be no plastic cups at aid stations, so each participant must provide their own.

* Hooded jacket. The jacket must have a hood and must be waterproof.

* Basic first aid kit, which must have at least one or two gauzes, one elastic bandage and a packet of plasters.


All runners agree with promotional use of photo and video material from the race.


* Cancellation 4 months before the start – 90% refund.

* Cancellation up to 2 months before the event – 70% refund and 20% discount next year.

* Cancellation up to 14 days before the event – 60% refund and 20% discount next year.

* Cancellation less than 14 days before the event – no refunds.

The organizer will offer also the transfer of registration to 2024.


IMPORTANT: Participants who are unable to attend the event due to health problems and have already paid the entry fee, can request a partial refund of the entry fee at: The runner must present an official medical document (certificate, medical certificate etc.) when requesting a refund.

Note the following:
Refund of 90% of the payment, if the request for refund is made before 1st March 2023.
Refund of 70% of the payment, if the request for refund is made between 2nd March 2023 and 1st April 2023.
Refund of 50% of the payment, if the request for refund is made before between 2nd April and 1st June 2023.
Refund after June 1st 2023 is not possible, regardless of the reason why the runner does not participate in the competition.

In case that a runner does not participate in the competition regardless of the reason, he / she will also waive the starting package and all other benefits that runners have.


When registering, runners and cyclists accept the Green Commitment of Soča Outdoor Festival:

As a participant of Soča Outdoor Festival, I commit that:

  • I will not dispose of waste, run or cycle outside the marked paths,
  • I will not pick flowers,
  • I will separate waste,
  • I will drink tap water and save natural resources,
  • I will respect wildlife,
  • I will respect the local environment and the local population,
  • and encourage others to do the same.


Thank you!


167 km
until 31. 12. 202135 €
until 24. 04. 202240 €
until 26. 06. 202245 €
On site50 €


DISTANCEuntil 31. 12. 2022until 23. 04. 2023until 25. 06. 2023ON SITE
10 km38 €44 €48 €55 €
15 km42 €48 €52 €60 €
25 km48 €54 €58 €65 €
35 km52 €58 €62 €70 €
50 km58 €64 €75 €85 €
MTB38 €44 €48 €​55 €​
DKK20 €25 €30 €35 €

All prices are in EUR and include VAT.

Group registrations (minimum number of runners is 5):

  • The price for each participant is 15% lower than individual registrations for 10, 15, 25, 35, and 50 km.