Committed to Sustainability

Sustainability and our Green Commitment

‘Sustainability’ is a popular term today, however, it is not new for us. The Soča Outdoor Festival and sustainability have been intertwined since the first performances of the event at Sotočje. We develop the festival according to the principles of responsible, sustainable business conduct, we strive to reduce the negative impact on the natural and social environment while preserving and highlighting the specifics, the identity of the environment in which the festival takes place.

Our sustainable practices are being upgraded every year. We are committed to continuously improving the sustainability of our event, and we also encourage our visitors to do so. In addition to preserving the natural environment, we promote the development of a healthy, inclusive society and support the local community and economy.

Sustainable is much more than just “green”. When organizing a sustainable event, we strive to minimize negative impacts and best contribute to the well-being of the community, visitors and others involved. Our goal is to achieve an optimal balance between environmental, social, and economic responsibility.

Sustainable development continues to be the priority of Soča Outdoor Festival. We strive to minimize negative impacts and contribute as much as possible to the well-being of the community, visitors and others involved. When planning and implementing our event, we follow the Guidelines for Green Events of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Initiative ITRA Green Charter

We believe that trail running and other outdoor activities can contribute positively to the preservation of the environment and educate the public about the need to take into account the impact of our activities on the planet. Our sport has a unique power to stimulate wider social change that prioritizes sustainable development and reducing our carbon footprint, so that the beauty of our planet, our nature, can be enjoyed by future generations. This is precisely why the Soča Outdoor Festival joined the ITRA Green Charter initiative, which encourages the organizers of trail running events to introduce sustainable and responsible practices and reduce the impact of our sport on the environment.

To learn more about the commitment and initiative, visit International Trail Running Association’s website:


Action plan 2024

Hosting a sustainable event is a responsible task that requires important planning and coordination to achieve the set goals. Every year we prepare a special Action plan with measures and actions that would help us to reduce negative impacts on the environment and strengthen positive effects on the local community. In the Action plan for Soča Outdoor Festival 2024, we have set the following goals: 

Area 1: Environmental initiatives
  • Introduction of a parking fee, with the aim of reducing the number of vehicles and encouraging visitors to share transport to the festival.
  • Splitting the running program into two days so as to reduce pressure on trails and the environment.
  • Promotion of circular economy initiatives.
  • 20% discount on the entry fee in 2025 in case of coming to the event by public transport or by bike.
  • Carbon footprint offsetting.
Area 2: Social initiatives
  • Introduction of a pregnancy policy (transfer of entry fees for pregnant women and partners) and availability of menstrual products at aid stations.
  • Collection of voluntary contributions for the renovation of the infrastructure, damaged by the floods.
  • Inclusion of young artists – Friday’s concert as an opportunity for a selected young musician.
  • Support for Slovenian start-ups in the field of outdoor.

In addition to our goal to remain the leading outdoor festival in Slovenia and beyond, we also aim to remain a leading event and an example of good practice in the field of sustainable development. Through our activities, we want to encourage the organisation of events based on sustainability principles and show other organisers how they can incorporate sustainable practices into their events.


Green guidelines

Each of us can contribute to making the festival friendly to the environment in which it takes place, therefore it is our mission to spread green awareness and be an example of good practice. That is why it is important that everyone involved, visitors, the local community and partners engage in our efforts.
Take a look on how you can help with that.

The achievements and the fulfillment of the activities set out in the plan for 2022 are collected in the sustainability report, which can be viewed in full here: SOF Sustainability Report 2023.

Due to the potential negative impacts on the environment brought by the organization and implementation of the event with a larger number of participants, we decided to assess the environmental impacts. The analysis, prepared by experts from the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology from the University of Maribor showed that the total carbon footprint of the Soča Outdoor Festival 2019 was 104,257 kg, which means 74.2 kg of CO2 per visitor. We believe that we can reduce this, so we are actively designing new initiatives that will help us do so.