29th June at 6.30 - Tolmin, Slovenia

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the royal trailrun on Soča Outdoor Festival: I Feel Slovenia 50! It contains everything that the surroundings of Tolmin have to offer and also everything that demanding lovers of trailrun dream of: challenging ascents, fast descents, spectacular views of the Soča river valley from both sides, and, finally, refreshments by crossing the Tolminka river. At the highest point, on mt. Pretovč, the trail will take you to 1,158 meters above sea level, and the total elevation gain on the route is 2,400 meters. We know it won’t be easy, but we are also sure that you will enjoy the challenge. Who dares?

50 km

2.400 m

Date of competition: 29th June 2024
Start: 6.30
Location: Tolmin, Sotočje, main venue of Soča Outdoor Festival
AATC Category: Trail

3 points itra


We are trying to reduce negative effects of the festival on the environment, therefore cups for one-time use will not be available at the water stations and fit zones. We ask runners to bring their own cup, bottle or a camel bag to use it at water stations and fit zones for water and energy drinks. Runners will be able to purchase reusable Soča Outdoor Festival cups at the registration point.

Ljubinj (D)
5,5 km
Senica (F+D)
8,2 km
Most na Soči (F+D)
12,5 km
Mengore (sedlo) (D)
16,8 km
Volče 141 (F+D)
19,5 km
Gabrje (D)
25,3 km
Village Krn (F+D)
31,6 km
Mt. Pretovč (F+D)
35,4 km
Tolmin (Moratto) (F+D)
43,1 km
Žabče - on top (F+D)
45,8 km
Poljubinj (D)
48,0 km

*F = food, D = drink


You can register for the trailrun online or at the registration service on the day of the event, but we recommend online registration. The application is valid after the payment of the entry fee (only in the case of available starting places), and the number of applications is limited to 600 participants per individual discipline.

In case your card payment is unsuccessful, please contact us at info@soca-outdoor.com.


DATE UNTIL 31. 12. 2023 UNTIL 14. 04. 2024 UNTIL 16. 06. 2024 ON SITE
63 EUR
75 EUR
80 EUR
90 EUR


  • The minimal number of contestants is 5.
  • Registration fee is 15% lower than the normal price for individual competitors.
  • To sign up as a group, please visit this web site. Video instructions available here.

All participants receive

Friday, 28th June

  • 17.00 – 21.00 Pick up of the starter numbers and registration of new competitors.

Saturday, 29th June

  • 6.30 Start I Feel Slovenia 50 km.
  • 16.30 End of the measurements of time for I Feel Slovenia 50 km.
  • 16.00 Announcement of the results for I Feel Slovenia 50 km.
  • Men under 30 (born 1994 or younger)

  • Men under 40 (born between 1984 and 1993)

  • Men under 50 (born between 1974 and 1983)

  • Men under 60 (born between 1964 and 1973)

  • Men over 60 (born 1963 or earlier)

  • Women under 30 (born 1994 or younger)

  • Women under 40 (born between 1984 and 1993)

  • Women under 50 (born between 1974 and 1983)

  • Women under 60 (born between 1964 and 1973)

  • Women over 60 (born 1963 or earlier)

*For the category to be considered independent, at least 10 competitors must be registered in the category.

*Age on 31/12/2024 is taken into account.

*BIB number that must always be visible ✔
Appropriate running shoes ✔
Water reserve for the time between aid stations (1L) ✔
*Cup (min. 15 cL) ✔
Survival blanket (min. 1,40 x 2,0 m) ✔
*Hooded jacket ✖
Whistle ✔
Mobile phone ✔
Food reserve ✔
*Basic first aid kit ✔
Hat/buff ⭕︎

✔ – Mandatory   ⭕︎ – Suggested    ✖ – Not needed

* BIB number must be placed at the front of your body, to your T-shirt or a belt.
* You need to bring your own drinking cup (15 cL minimum). There will be no plastic cups at aid stations, so each runner must provide their own.
* Hooded jacket. The jacket must have a hood and must be waterproof.
* Basic first aid kit, which must have at least one or two gauzes, one elastic bandage and a packet of plasters.

  • Number of participants is limited to 600.
  • Miminum 10 competitors must be registered in the category to make it count as individual category.
  • The registration service will be set at the main festival venue.
  • By registering in the online application form and paying the registration fee, the competitor confirms that he agrees with the conditions and that he competes at his own risk. For entries on the venue on the day of the event, the competitor signs the application form confirming the acceptance of the conditions and the competition at his own risk.
  • For minors, the responsibility is taken over by parents or guardians who sign the application form upon registration.
  • Participants allow photographing and allow the organizer to use the photographs for the promotion of the Soča Outdoor Festival.
  • Medical care will be placed along the trail.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program. If any changes shall be accepted the participants will be notified in time.
  • The organizer does not accept liability for any damage or injury made by the competitors to themselves, to other competitors or to a third person.
  • A designated parking space will be available for teams, competitors and spectators.
  • We do not return paid registration fees.

Registraion issues: info@soca-outdoor.com.
For other questions: Peter Dakskobler, peter@soca-outdoor.com, +386 31 846 634
Organizers: Zavod tovarna trajnostnega turizma – GoodPlace and Marsky Institute of Outdoor

In case your card payment is unsuccessful, please contact us at info@soca-outdoor.com.