Meet the team


Jan Klavora

He is a man of action, switching from words to concrete actions in record time. An avid cyclist with a green heart. He immerses himself in each task with great passion and dedication. Creator of sports tourism products and head of GoodPlace’s cyclist tourism section. His main asset is his excellent orientation that guides him in the right direction in life and at work.


Peter Dakskobler

While biking and dancing he looks for the »flow«, therefore you can expect unforgettable dance on trails, in the water and air. Rich experience in tourism and organizing events he has combined in the sport festival he has dreamt about for a long time. The outdoor festival contributed a lot to becoming an indispensable member of a pervasive and wicked cyclists unit, lobbyist who will not sleep well until legislation in the field of cycling tourism will be organized in favour of sport and green tourism. He combines tourism, psychology and sport under the name Marsky and therefore you can expect many interesting things in the future.


Matija Klanjšček - Matic

Being a geodesist by profession, Matic had been active in the field of cartography and marine hydrography for a long time, he made a decision to start his own business (and later on to join the Soča Outdoor Festival team), which is partly connected with primary expertise of spatial informatics and gradually more and more with mountain bike guiding and the growth of tourism products related to it. During his youth he was active in sports, particularly in athletics at the beginning, but later on he was more devoted to mountaineering challenges. As climbing and expeditions took a lot of time, the passion for alpinism was progressively replaced by cycling. In recent years, mountain biking connected with guiding, which represents the basic form of spending free time, and gradually also working time actively, has stood out.


Jernej Cvek

Currently he is studying at Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana. He is in love with nature, that’s why he loves to spend my free time in outdoor activites, also as a leader of a local scout group. Organizing sport, music and charity events (soTočEK, KTŠ meets Overjam, DobroSočnost,…) is a great pleasure for him. Sport is my passion; he really likes playing football. Guitar is his good friend and he likes to spread positive vibrations as a member of TminTafari Sound.


Jana Apih

The first lady of Soča Outdoor Festival. She is an ambassador of green “development” and a big supporter of teamwork. She deeply believes that greatness can only be achieved by networking and collaboration. This green traveler and sportswoman is radiating energy that connects people, showing the remarkable ability to empower others to see the solution in place of encountering problems.


Filip Smrekar Apih

The mystical Soča river did not only carve its scenic valley from stone, it also cut its way into his mind in childhood and stayed there. That is why he is delighted to organize a sport festival that shares my affection for the river with every participant. As the youngest member of organizing team he tries to bring energy and youth, which are the values he finds as the core of our festival. To uphold these values, he tries to drag his amazing friends into dealing out snacks or helping set up the course. Together, they try our hardest to make our vision of Soča Outdoor festival come to life.


Katja Defrančeski

Katja is the perfect fit to Soča Outdoor Festival team, sharing her enthusiasm for outdoor activities, a creative environment and interesting work in diverse fields. Finding her way back to her soul team, she introduced a fresh and simple energy, with effective solutions to the product creation. An organizer by heart and a partner, she easily spreads her never ending energy, making sure that the outcome she provides gives clear, simple and comprehensive results. She is constantly in search for balance, finding her peace in travels, tasting good food and wines and can always be found in a good company.



Organizers  of Soča Outdoor Festival are committed to the implementation of the guidelines for organizing sustainable sporting events and the Green Policies, as the Green Tourism scheme Slovenian Public Agency identified SPIRIT Slovenia:

Slovenia is presented to the world with its unique shade of green. “Slovenian Green” is based on the unspoilt nature and determination of remaining the same.

We are aware that success of tourism in Slovenia is based on the credibility of our green image. We developed Soca Outdoor Festival with the aim of creating responsible business, that reduces negative impacts on the natural and social environment, preserves and highlights the peculiarities of the natural and social environment, its identity and culture.

Our work is based on the conditions defined by environmental legislation in Slovenia.

Mark SOČA OUTDOOR FESTIVAL promises visitors that we operate according to sustainable principles and we are also committed to constant improvement of the sustainability of our business.

We encourage visitors to gain respect and responsible attitude towards natural and social environment in Slovenia.

We are aware of the major impact that tourism has on local communities and the social and economic image of the destination. Which is why we actively work on the integration of local communities, we follow the interests of the local population and develop our festival in a way that brings positive results for all.

We respect the carrying capacity of the area. We are up to date with novelties and are aware of the significance of green innovation and green technologies.

Participants are encouraged to sustainable mobility.

One of the main characteristics of Slovenia is its exceptional landscape and biodiversity at the junction of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. We want visitors to experience this diversity and so strive to create a program that highlights things that are special, authentic and have a strong local character.

Each year, we will produce a plan of measures, which will then be implemented. We believe in the policy of taking small and manageable steps and use them to upgrade our festival each year.

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