Top holiday gift? An experience!

Black Friday is approaching fast and next week we will enter the final month of the year, the gift-giving time, December. 

Year 2020 was definitely like no other we’ve experienced before. This year we are especially grateful for things we previously took for granted – for our friends, for being able to hang out with them, for holidays… We, outdoor freaks, were especially thankful for one more thing – our mother nature.

Some were hiking, others spent a lot of time on bikes or running. We once again realized just how important it is to move your body, to spend time in nature and how much it benefits our wellbeing and health. 

This is another reason why we look forward to Soča Outdoor Festival 2021 more than ever before. We can’t wait to run and ride on the best trails again – together. If thinking about this puts a smile on your face, then we suggest you to spend your ‘black friday funds’ on an amazing experience – reward yourself with a registration fee for Soča Outdoor Festival. 

You can also give the experience to your loved ones. We have prepared special gift cards for this occasion.

Where can I buy the gift card for Soča Outdoor Festival 2021?

  1. First please send an e-mail to katja@visit-goodplace.com and write:
    • The chosen trail (10km, 15km, 25km or 45km)
    • Name and surname of the voucher recipient
    • Name and surname of the payer
  2. We will send you the invoice
  3. After receiving the payment we will send you a voucher in digital format

Regular registrations for Soča Outdoor Festival will open again on 1st of December. 

Check out who’s already registered: 


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