Soča Outdoor Festival is part of AATC challenge

Even though the race season is currently on hold due to the epidemic, we are still giving you an alternative in the Alpe Adria Trail Cup. We invite you to prepare with us for the times when we can run together again in nature.

Welcome to AATC virtual challenges where you can compensate canceled UTVV Training tours, the promised AATC preparations and, despite all the restrictions, and the canceled UTVV Slovenia 2020, prepare for the next 2 Cup competitions – Soča Outdoor Festival 2020 and Julian Alps Trail Run 2020.

We start April 11-12 and continue until the end of the month. We offer you 3 challenges and a training alternative indoors.

When conducting trainings, you are asked to strictly adhere to safety measures given by authorities. We believe that with your creativity you will be able to discover many undiscovered areas of your place.

If we detect violations of official regulations, we will disqualify the offenders from the list.

Each participant will receive a digital medal / plaque. Participants in the April Virtual Challenge will draw the winners of the entry fees:

– 1x UTVV Slovenia 2021,

– 1x Soča Outdoor Festival 2020,

– 1x Julian Alps Trail Run 2020.

For more information please visit Alpe Adria Trail Cup webpage.


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Paint your Soča outdoor motive and share your creativity #socaoutdoor.
My bedtime story is not directly related to my crazy outdoor achievement, but to the Julian Alps Trail Run, which proved to be a real challenge for us organizers.

Alpe Adria Trail Cup

Soča Outdoor Festival is a proud partner of Alpe Adria Trail Cup 2020.

Alpe Adria Trail Cup connects the best trail running events in our region. In 2020, due to special circumstances and the lack of races, the three running events put together special races to help trail runners with their motivation.

Races will take place from June to the end of October and represent a unique experience on Alpe Adria Trail Cup routes. By participating, you also earn special medals, crafted uniquely for these challenges: Ultra Trail Vipava Valley, Soča Outdoor Festival, Julian Alps Trail Run.

For more information please visit: http://alpeadria-trailcup.com/