The program for the Parafestival 2023 is out!

Being active in the natural environment should not be a privilege. That’s why we are very happy that on Sunday, 2 July 2023, for the third time, Parafestival will take place. The co-organisers of the Parafestival are Sonček – Association of Cerebral Palsy Associations of Slovenia, Municipality of Tolmin, VDC Tolmin, Committee and Mountaineer – Slovenian Mountaineering Association (PZS) and Soča Outdoor Festival.

Raft_soški bazni tabor

In the beautiful setting of the confluence of the Soča and Tolminka rivers near Tolmin, people with various disabilities will be able to enjoy adapted sports activities that are mostly inaccessible to them, such as canoeing, canoeing, rafting, cycling, hiking, climbing, archery … The company Soča Base Camp will take the participants of the Parafestival on its rafts through the rapids of the beautiful Soča River.


Registration: Parafestival 2023 (google.com)

PROGRAM on Sunday, 2 July:

  • 9:00 gathering of hikers at the Lucija boat landing Most na Soči Modrej Beach Parking – Google Maps
  • 9:30 assembly at the Confluence and the start of the first activities,
  • 9:30 start of the two hikes:

1. Hike along the Julijana Trail 11 section between Most na Soči and Sotočje on the right bank of the Soca River below Bučenica – suitable for blind, partially sighted and deaf hikers – length of the trail 8km, approx. 3 hours – assisted by PD Tolmin.

2. Hike Wheelchair and parabicycle hike/ride between Most na Soči and Sotočje on the left bank Soča along the newly built cycle path – approx. 3.5km, duration 1h – 1:30 – organized by PZS.

  • 9:45 rowing, rafting, swinging on the Soca at Sotočje. For rafting, which is carried out by the Soča Base Camp, there are prior reservations and a surcharge of 20eur per user. The start is at Labrca (bridge over the Soca – Restaurant Labrca – Google Maps ), finish on the other side of the confluence,
  • 10:00 climbing (and other activities: archery, slackline, etc.) on the artificial wall at

8m wall – 4 directions – all climbing equipment and security provided – climbing is possible one day before, also for siblings and other Parafestival and SOF participants. Climbing in cooperation with PZS Slovenia, GRS Tolmin,

  • the finish of the first hikers on the cycle path will be around 11:15 -11:30,
  • the finish of the hikers on the trail at approx. 12:30.



Stojan Mervič (031/ 588 848)
Maja Bobnar (031/778 137)
Jurček Nowakk (041/770 798)

In case of bad weather, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the Parafestival.

See you at the fabulous confluence scene!


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