Parafestival at the Soča Outdoor Festival 2022: what the participants said after the event

The ninth edition of the Soča Outdoor Festival was joined for the first time by the Parafestival, a non-competitive sport gathering for the physically challenged. We asked some participants how they had a good time in Sotočje:

Andreja: “It was great, fantastic, again. The way you take care of us Sons is incredible. Thank you a thousand times for allowing us to experience so many things, it was unforgettable, I hope it will be like this again! Thanks to Sonček Maja and Stojan for the organization, Elion for transportation and help, Decathlon for helping with sports activities and all the other volunteers!”

Ana: “The Parafestival was unforgettable! Adapted sports activities for us were windsurfing, canoeing, archery… It was great that there were so many volunteers who helped, there was real energy and good team spirit. With the help of others, we are capable and capable of much. A new experience worth repeating. Thanks also to the Soča Outdoor Festival for taking the parafestival under its wing.”

Urban: “It was great! We were in a beautiful environment, I could swim and ride in a canoe. Despite the heat, we had a great time! We hope for more!”

Pero: “I was already at the first parafestival in Ankaran, every time it’s in a different environment, it’s a great and new experience. I really enjoyed it! Thanks to the team, it was great!”

Grega: “Sup was a great experience, archery too! If there’s a chance, I’ll go again right away, no matter where it is! Great place, a little steep for the heaviest wheelchairs, but with help we managed everything!”

Stojan Mevrič, organizer of the Parafestival: “Sincere thanks to the Soča Outdoor Festival for welcoming us along. We could not organize so many interesting activities by ourselves. Since the Parafestival was taking place for the first time, we struggled a bit with the organization, but in the end, everything went well, the mood was really good, and the responses were excellent. Not only at the Parafestival, but at the entire event in Sotočje. The event was also praised by all the volunteers, parents, and relatives of the disabled. You provided us with everything and more than we expected. Thumbs up for the organization at a high level. It’s true that things always go wrong with wheelchairs and then you must improvise, but we’re used to that. I hope we can join again sometime.

Photo gallery: Parafestival 2022


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