Sustainable orientation of Soča Outdoor Festival

Each year, the organizers of the Soča Outdoor Festival, in accordance with our vow of sustainable orientation, are looking for new solutions and ideas on how to organize an event that would have the least negative impact on the environment.

Already in previous years, we replaced a part of disposable plastic with biodegradable plastic, but this year we are going a step further – with the partners Continental and adidas Terrex, who support our efforts in this field, we are introducing new solutions:

  1. Reusable cups

Each competitor will receive a reusable cup at the registration point, which he will use at the booster stations. In this way, we will significantly reduce the number of disposable cups and thus the amount of waste generated after the event.

  1. Goodie bag made of natural materials

This year’s goodie bag, which every competitor recieves, will be made only from natural materials.

  1. Flags for marking trails

Significant source of waste as well as plastics at the festival are marking tapes. We will change these with flags, which we will reuse in the next year.

  1. Bioplastics at the bar

At the bar, you will get drinks in bio-based and biodegradable glasses. Bioplastics glasses do not degrade in any environment, but in a very specific way, so it is crucial that the waste is properly separated. Therefore, special attention will be paid to the separation of waste.

We want to highlight what is most special in our environment, authentically and with a local character, that’s why we enable local providers free presentation at the festival.

We are pleased that our partners recognize our efforts in this area and actively approach to finding solutions to limit and reduce environmental pressures that events such as the Soča Outdoor Festival usually generate.