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Interview with young GB slalom and creek kayaker David Bain

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I started off as a slalom paddler about ten years ago. I quickly got in to a playboat and paddled freestyle and creeking along side my slalom aims and objectives. Over time I have started to do more creeking and now I do a mixture of slalom training/competition and creek paddling with a few creek races each year.

 1What is your first assocation on a word; Soča?


For me Soca brings similar thoughts to Slovenia as a whole. I have always loved the country when Slalom racing too for the beautiful scenery, the crystal blue rivers and epic slalom courses and of course the people and beer who are always happy

2.Is outdoor sports (kayaking) your way of life, or just a recreation?


I dont like to sound too deep when I talk about where kayaking sits in my life however for me kayaking does consume most days. In my life I try to live every day to get the maximum enjoyment out of it, and for me that usually means going kayaking and having fun o the white water.

3. What does sport means to you, in life?


Id say I definitely have a sporting life style. If I am not on a river then Im usually climbing, hiking or finding some other adventurous activity to keep me busy in the mountains.

4. Can you point out some of yours best rankings?


My best rankings in Creek racing are 7th at Sickline in 2013 and 7th at the Devils extreme race series. Iv also got a few other slalom results.

5. Your best spring/summer/autumn/winter place for training and holidays?


I like to think I dont have holidays, life is just one big trip, any breaks are just in between adventures. Spring is usually the Soca and Italy destination for me. Summer it has to be Norway and in the winter, North Wales is my playground. Its probably the most understated area for kayaking internationally but there are some sick rivers everything from grade 3 up to as hard as you’d want to push it. The only thing is, you have to wait for rain!

6. Why do you like to come to the Soča Valley?


Last year was my second time at Soca. I really like the area, its nestled nicely in the mountains and the community there are great. The river isn’t super pushy, but still its really good fun and pretty with the azure colour of the water its a haven for people wishing to up there skills at an international venue.

7. How was kayak cross in 2013?


Kayak cross races are always filled with carnage. I didn’t get threw to the final rounds last year but hoping to do a little bit better this year


8. What do you expect from Kayak cross race on Soča this year?


I dont know, It will be an exciting event fosure! Id like to see better weather bringing more competitors and crowds to the site. The river might be a little lower this year, but that depends on the weather! Maybe no Upstream gates?? 


9. Are you supersticious and do you have any ritual before the race?


Im not superstitious but I do have a race routine. I like to do a good warmup and shake my paddle around a bit before I set off.

10. Do you have any good advice for our competitors?


For boater x there is only one trick to the trade! Sprint ahead at the start and try not to let anyone hit in to you too hard!11.

11. Life motto? (quote)


Every day wake up to make it better than the last.


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Celoten program SOFFEST-a 2014



Veseli nas, da je letošnji program zrasel po vsebini in območju, ki ga pokriva. Skupaj do novih zmag, saj je le v slogi moč. Lepo vabljeni!