Event name: SUP-er SOČA RACE by Soča Outdoor Festival

Place of the competition: Soča Outdoor Festival – at the confluence of Tolminka and Soča rivers

Date: June 30th 2017

Application deadline: Pre-application till June 28th 2017 to

Entry fee: 20€, on the day of the race 25€. Pre-application payment cheaper entry fee will be considered upon receipt of the bank account until 29th of June 2017

per IBAN: Rok Puvar s.p. IBAN SI56 6100 0001 6533 027, Polana 4f, 2311 Hoče.

Indicated categories:
– overall male category
– overall female category
– Inflatable boards – male
– Inflatable boards – female
– Master, female over 35 years
– Kahuna, male over 45 years
– Juniors (male) up to 16 years
– Juniors (female) up to 16 years
– Fun

Medals and awards: In each categories will be awarded prizes.

Competition status: SUP-er SOČA RACE by Soča Outdoor Festival, is considered to SUP CUP SLOVENIA

Competition will be held in accordance with the rules Sup Cup Slovenia and Surf and Sup Association of Slovenia.

It competes on the boards, which are long up to 14.0 “(427 cm).

Use of safety strap (leash) is required.

Paddling is just standing. With the fall in the water are allowed a maximum of five (5) consecutive paddle strokes on knees; any help from the other competitors is not allowed.

Head of Competition: Rok Puvar,

Parking space: Parking is provided within the parking for the Soča Outdoor Festival visitors and it is free of charge.

Food: Every contest participant gets a voucher for lunch. It is also provided for free isotonic drinks and energy bars.

Competition program:
12:00 – 13:00  – Check-in and assumption of starting numbers
13:00 – Assembly of competitors
14:00 – Start of the competition

Track race: Start of the competition will be in the target area (goal) Soča Outdoor Festival at the confluence of Tolminka and Soča.
The race will be on a circular track about the length of 1-2km. Depending on the number of entries will be on the day of the race determines the type of competition, which can be:
1. Mass Start of all riders simultaneously length 5-6km
2. Mass Start separated into men, women and teenagers length 5-6km and juniors 2-3km
3. Competitors divided into groups of 4-8 competitors, where the first half competitors qualify for the next round, while the rest fall in the Lucky loser group. Number of lucky loosers competitors will be depending on the number of groups in the next round. (in each group are placed 1 Lucky Loser contestant). Track length is 1-2km.