Registrations for the Soča Outdoor Festival 2019 are open

On Friday, 30 November 2018, the season of the 7th Soča Oudoor Festival was officially opened by placing the events on the calendar and therefore opening the registrations.

The year 2018 was ground-breaking as we had to limit the number of participants. There are quite a few natural bottlenecks on the running tracks of the festival, where dangerous situations can arise due to overcrowding, and we would also not like to overburden the natural environment, which is the event’s key advantage. In such places, we had cameras installed so that we could analyse the flow of people and acquire important information for organising the next event.

The same as in the previous year, we will have to limit the number of participants in 2019, but this time the threshold will be set much higher than in 2018. The limit per each trail run will be set to 600 participants, with the total limit being around 2000 runners, as we do not expect such a large number of attendees to register for the longest trail. The lapses between the start times of individual runs will be longer, and within each leg of run, the participants will be divided in groups of 200 that will be starting the run in intervals of 7–8 minutes.

The route of the longest run, i.e. that of 45 km, which was changed in 2018 so that all runners could start at the same spot and (optionally) reach the finish line by crossing the river Tolminka, proved to be insufficiently safe at certain spots. This part will be replaced, and perhaps some changes will be introduced to other sections as well to ensure a better racing experience. The details will be known at the end of winter, when the terrain is more suitable for determining routes.

We are actively seeking solutions to reduce the amount of plastic waste at refreshment stations. The hot meal delivery system used after the competition will be changed, and there will certainly be many other improvements and additions made during the preparations for the event.

We will keep you informed about everything, but at the moment, we would just like to remind you of the early registration option – the first 500 registrants have a guaranteed starting fee of only EUR 35, or 40 EUR for the 45-km run. The offer is valid until 31 December 2018.