New route of the longest trail!

It is not easy to find and maintain a 45 km trail route in the wild nature and old one from Bovec to Tolmin seemed an ideal one with it’s scenic and wild landscape. Unfortunately competitors had to undertake a very early and long transfer to Bovec and at the same time they didn’t have the opportunity to finish the race crossing Tolminka River as other competitors did. If nothing else some spectacular photo documentation of the race were not available to them, not only from crossing Tolminka but also from Tolmin Gorges. Therefore we decided to put some effort in finding new route and try to accommodate runners’s wishes and suggestions.

New route is just as beautiful and scenic as the old one – we are in the Soča Valley after all, everything is beautiful. The route now starts as other trails do, namely at the main festival venue in Tolmin. It follows Soča river upwards to the Volčanski bridge, continues over Soča river and  among the WWI  bunkers to the top of the hill Mengore, where it turns back to the Volčanski bridge which is reached by another path.  The route continues  towards Kamp Gabrje where it turns and steeply ascends towards Tolmin Castle. From the top of the castle hill the trail leads to the village Zatolmin and to the entrance to the Tolmin Gorges. From there a completely new part of the trail routes stretches to the Church of Holly Spirit at Javorca, continuing to the spring of Tolminka River, Prode mountain pasture and to the magical village Čadrg. After that the route turns downhill again to Tolmin Gorges to reach the most attractive, wild and pretty cool leg at the confluence of  Zadlaščica and Tolminka rivers, just to make another uphill leg to the village Žabče. From Žabče the trail goes directly to the confluence of  Soča and Tolminka rivers. The last obstacle to overcome is Tolminka river which runners have to cross right before the finish line.