Sustainable policy

Organizers  of Soča Outdoor Festival are committed to the implementation of the guidelines for organizing sustainable sporting events and the Green Policies, as the Green Tourism scheme Slovenian Public Agency identified SPIRIT Slovenia:

  1. Slovenia is presented to the world with its unique shade of green. “Slovenian Green” is based on the unspoilt nature and determination of remaining the same.
  2. We are aware that success of tourism in Slovenia is based on the credibility of our green image. We develope Soca Outdoor Festival with the aim of creating responsible business, that reduces negative impacts on the natural and social environment, preserves and highlights the peculiarities of the natural and social environment,its identity and culture.
  3. Our work is based on the conditions defined by environmental legislation in Slovenia.
  4. Mark SOČA OUTDOOR FESTIVAL promises visitors  that we operate according to sustainable principles and we are also committed to constant improvement of the sustainability of our business.
  5. We encourage visitors to gain respect and  responsible attitude towards natural and social environment in Slovenia.
  6. We are aware of the major impact that tourism has on local communities and the social and economic image of the destination. Wich is why we actively work on the integration of local communities, we follow the interests of the local population and develop our festival in a way that brings positive results for all.
  7. We respect the carrying capacity of the area. We are up to date with novelties and are aware of the significance of green innovation and green technologies.
  8. Participants are encouraged to sustainable mobility.
  9. One of the main characteristics of Slovenia is its exceptional landscape and biodiversity at the junction of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. We want visitors to experience this diversity and so strive to create a program that highlights things that are  special, authentic and have a strong local characer.
  10. Each year, we will produce a plan of measures, which will then be implemented. We believe in the policy of taking small and manageable steps and use them to upgrade our festival each year.

For more information please contact:

Jana Apih