Virtual goody bag

As we want to reduce waste at the Soča Outdoor Festival and in accordance with our green plan, we decided to put the promotional material of our partners in a ‘virtual goody bag’. Dear partners and participants – thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining clean and healthy nature!

Medex (20% discount)

Bee active with MEDEX! In Medex, an active lifestyle and sustainability are right at the core of our values. Our products are designed to support all of you dear sports lovers, which is why we want to gift you a promo code SOF20 for a 20% discount on your purchase in our webshop With every purchase, you also get a gift, BetaGlucan capsules to boost your immunity. Bee fast and visit our webshop, where the code is valid only until July 10th, 2022.

BITE ME (20% discount)

BITE ME follows you on your every adventure! We bring you 100% natural raw bars and a 20% discount with promo code SOF22. Hurry up and visit our webshop because the offer is valid only until July 11th, 2022 or find our booth at SOF where we also have a great offer of our products.

HG Ultra Trail Idrija (running socks if registered 4-10th July 2022)

Join us for the fourth edition of the Hg Ultra Trail Idrija (HUT Idrija), in the heart of Idrija, a UNESCO World Heritage town. The start and finish of all four races is in the old town with a view of Gewerkenegg Castle, and the routes then pass important mining sights, and soon we enter the Zgornje Idrijce Park and the UNESCO Global Park Idrija. All who will register between July 4 and July 10 2022, will receive a pair of running socks!

Active O2

Active O2 is the perfect refreshment for everyone who loves life - with all its surprises. As a modern brand for young people who know exactly what they want, we offer just the right thing for everyone with our variety of innovative flavours! Active O2 refreshes without carbonic acid - but with an extra dose of oxygen. This is what gives Active O2 its unique, revitalising taste. And speaking of fresh: Active O2 is based on Adelholzener mineral water, which comes directly from the Bavarian Alps. Now that's fresh!


The traditional privately owned Erdinger Weissbräu brewery, located in the heart of Bavaria, Germany, is known for its top quality wheat beer. One of the leading products is Erdinger Alkoholfrei non-alcoholic, light wheat beer, which can also be found on the Slovenian market! It is an isotonic with a unique refreshing taste that quenches thirst and helps in recovery after sports activities and helps to provide the body with essential nutrients. Each bottle is still filled at the brewery in Erding in accordance with the strictest quality standards.


During long exercise, the human body loses large amounts of body fluids. Lack of energy sources and loss of water in the body affect physical fitness, leading to a decrease in exercise efficiency. All Oshee isotonic drinks have added electrolytes and vitamins, which allows them to hydrate the body faster.