SOF Adventure rules for Completely independent package:

  • SOF Adventure tour is not exclusive for the participants, so it is mandatory to respect the Slovenian traffic laws 
  • Signs or indications do not report the track, and the only official reference for it is the Gpx route sent by the staff 
  • There is no health care service or assistance provided by the staff and while running the SOF Adventure. The participant is considered as a regular runner in a normal excursion with no more rights than on any other occasion 
  • There is no recovery in case of retirement from the tour and no obligation of searching the participants 
  • Soča Outdoor Festival and Alps2Sea Trail Running Adventure is relieved of any responsibility connected to the SOF Adventure participants (accidents, loss of the route, physical problems, thefts, etc.) 
  • The participant undertakes to respect and keep clean the places crossed and undertakes not to throw the waste produced along the route 
  • Participants are asked to have good physical preparation, resistance to prolonged efforts, and above all, spirit of adaptation 
  • There is no maximum time for complete the trail 
  • It is forbidden to have any external effort (e.g. motorised vehicles, deviations from the official track, etc.) except in case of emergency 
  • The gpx track must be entirely completed if you want to be considered a finisher of SOF Adventure. If you exit from it, you must go back and run it from where you were 
  • For your safety, there is a mandatory kit you must have with you during all the trail: cell phone, GPS, First aid kit, water bottle (0,5 l), survival blanket (1,40 x 2,0 m minimum), wind jacket, headlamp with spare battery, running shoes, energy food, running poles
  • There is not any assistance from the organisers, and the participants must be well equipped for all kind of possible weather conditions and environments 
  • The participant must have a GPS reader for following the official track 
  • The participant must be in a good health state and declares not to use any drug substance for alternating the performance or cause any possible dangerous situation 
  • The participant could find unexpected conditions or events along the trail (e.g., rain, snow, strong wind, cold, fog, darkness, humidity, accidents, etc.) 
  • The participant is responsible for his behaviour during and after the event 
  • The organization declines all responsibility for themselves and their collaborators for accidents or damage to persons or property, which may occur before, during, and after the tour.