Soča Ultra Trail


The start of the trail is at the main festival venue, and the route first heads towards Most na Soči and from there over Bučenica back in the direction of the Kolovrat ridge, where the Alpe Adria Trail ascends to the ridge and continues to the village of Livek. Followed by an ascent to the symbol of Venetian Slovenia Matajur, and then a descent to Kobarid with a time lock halfway. From Kobarid, the trail first heads towards Bovec (Tonovcev grad), then turns into the Krna mountain range through the village of Drežnica, continuing the ascent along the Alpe Adria Trail to the Kuhinja mountain pasture. This is followed by a crossing in the direction of the Zatolmin mountains to the highest Tolmin mountain Sleme. From there, the descent into the Tolminka valley follows the unforgettable church on Javorca. At the end of the valley at the church of St. Petra turns into the attractive Tolmin Gorge, and from there along the Tolminka River back to the festival venue, where runners can once again cross Tolminka for an unforgettable arrival at the finish line.

This is a working version of the route, which is still in coordination with all stakeholders so the organizer reserves the right to change the route until 31st of May 2021. At the moment, it is an approximate estimate of the length and total elevation, a more detailed measurement and description will be published upon confirmation of the final route.

Date of competition: 2nd – 3rd of July 2021
Start of the run: 2nd of July at 23.00
Organizer: Zavod tovarna trajnostnega turizma
Place: Tolmin, Sotočje, main venue of Soča Outdoor Festival
Discipline: Trail run
Distance: cca 83 km
Total ascent: cca 4135 m

AATC: Ultra



village Volče

9,6 km

village Livek

22,6 km

on Matajurju

27,5 km

town Kobarid

41,3 km

village Drežnica

50,4 km

mountain pasture Kuhinja

58,7 km

church Javorca

72 km


Volče 141 (F+D)
Mengore – sedlo (D)
Volče 141 (F+D)
ob cesti Tolmin – Dolje (F)
Moratto (F+D)
planina Pretovč (F+D)
planina Sleme (F+D)
pod spustom z Javorce (F+D)
Žabče – spodaj (F+D)
Sotočje (F+D)

F = food
D = drink


5,7 km
8,4 km
11,4 km
14,6 km
17,5 km
24,6 km
26,6 km
32,9 km
40,2 km


DATE UNTIL 25. 04. 2021 UNTIL 20.06. 2021
95 EUR
105 EUR


  • Online registration

  • Registration is complete and valid when paid in full only

  • Number of participants is limited to 200

Any participant who has to cancel his participation in case of medical issue and would like to receive a refund has to officially request it by email at

Please bear in mind the following situations:

  • From the moment the registration is paid, the Organization agrees to return 80% of the amount paid by the runner (except bank expenses), if the non-participation is requested and communicated, before the 1st of March 2021.

  • From the 1st of March 2021 until the 1st of May 2021, 70% of the amount paid by the runner, shall be returned.

  • From the 1st of May until the 1st of June 2021, 50% of the amount paid by the runner, shall be returned​.

  • From the 1st of June on, no amount of money will be returned, no matter the reason why the runner does not finally take part in the race.

  • In the event that the runner does not participate in the race on the 2nd July 2021, for whatever reason, the organization is not obliged to give any souvenir ( neither runner’s bag nor a commemorative T-shirt ) once the Soča Outdoor Festival Slovenia 2021 is over.



  • The minimal number of contestants is 5
  • Registration link
  • Registration fee is 15% lower than the normal price for individual competitors
  • To sign up as a group, please visit this web site. Video instructions available here.

All participants receive

  • personalized bib number including RFID time keeping-tag

  • starter pack with gifts

  • drop bags in Kobarid

  • aid stations with a variety of food, approximately every 12 km with drinks and food

  • showers next to the finish area

  • a hot meal at the end

  • massage service next to the finish area

  • medal of honor for all finisher at each race

  • medical first aid in the finish area and at specified aid stations

  • finisher’s certificate downloadable from the dedicated online repository

  • live timekeeping, interim times and results
  • participation at Alpe Adria Trail Cup in XL category


  • Men to 30 years (born 1991 or younger)
  • Men to 40 years (born 1981–1990)
  • Men to 50 years (born 1971–1980)
  • Men to 60 years (born 1961–1970)
  • Men over 60 years (born before 1961)
  • Women to 30 years (born 1991 or younger)
  • Women to 40 years (born 1981–1990)
  • Women to 50 years (born between 1971–1980)
  • Women to 60 years (born 1961–1970)
  • Women over 60 years (born before 1961)


* BIB number that must always be visible
Water bottle (0,5 l)
Water cup (15 cL minimum)
Survival blanket (1,40 x 2,0 m minimum)
First aid (bandage, gauze, patch)
*Wind jacket
Mobile phone
Headlamp with spare battery
Running shoes
Hat / scarf and gloves
Sun protection
Energy food
Running poles
- Mandatory      - Suggested     - Not needed

The obligatory equipment shall be checked at the race number bibs collection. Race number won’t be given if something is missing. If the required equipment is not complete or is not shown by runner, immediate disqualification follows. Random checks shall be made along the race route.


  • Number of participants is limited to 200
  • The registration service will be set at the main festival venue. By registering in the online application form and paying the registration fee, the competitor confirms that he agrees with the conditions and that he competes at his own risk.
  • For minors, the responsibility is taken over by parents or guardians who sign the application form upon registration.
  • Participants allow photographing and allow the organizer to use the photographs for the promotion of the Soča Outdoor Festival.
  • Medical care will be placed along the trail.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program. If any changes shall be accepted the participants will be notified in time
  • The organizer does not accept liability for any damage or injury made by the competitors to themselves, to other competitors or to a third person
  • A designated parking space will be available for teams, competitors and spectators
  • Transition bag in Kobarid (possibility to change clothes, shoes, etc.).
  • Time closure: 10 pm (until 9 pm the next day), additional time limit in Kobarid (40 km – hours, until 9 am the next day).


Problems with registration:; Phone: +386 41 855 782

Other questions: Peter Dakskobler, +386 31 846