Spending the day at Soča Outdoor festival includes all-activities and physical exertion. Thus it’s essential to stretch your muscles. We will make sure that your body relaxes and your mind winds down with yoga exercises.

When: Saturday, 29 June at 4pm

Where: In a small meadow alongside the main festival scene.



For an easier awakening and a much better day, we will stretch with Sun Salutation and emerald Soča.

When: Sunday, 30 June at 8.30am

Where: At the confluence of the rivers Soča and Tolminka.


Participation Fee: Both yoga events are free, but the number of participants is limited. Please reserve your spot by signing up via email at However you are welcome to support these yoga events with donations.

Who: Samantha is a certified yoga instructor with more than 5 years of experience in leading group fitness classes. It makes her happy to see each and every participant discover something new about their body and leave the class with a smile on their face.

Yoga is the combined knowledge of nature, human and life. Nowadays yoga is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it emphasizes the individual, his health and personal happiness, as opposed to the constant advancement, haste and stress of the society. The fast pace of life and the lack of time have become loyal companions of our daily lives. Eventually, however, those can lead to the exhaustion of the body, mind and spirit. That is why Yoga teaches us how to slow our pace and bring our body, mind and spirit into balance. The emerald river Soča is the perfect place to focus on ourselves in the heart of nature and relax our mind and body in asana, the yoga position. The main aim of yoga and all included is simple; it teaches us ways of being satisfied and happy.

We will take a good hour of our time at Outdoor yoga, in order to relax, become aware of our body, stretch it out and teach it something new. This hour of yoga is designed to function for everybody – from those who are well-versed in yoga, to those who have only looked at it from afar. All you need is comfortable clothes and a soft padding, which can be a mat or even a bigger towel.