XC paragliding race

The Soča valley, especially the area surrounding Kobarid offers ideal conditions for paragliding, as this is one of the top 5 areas for paragliding in Europe.
During Soča Outdoor Festival the sky will be filled with adrenalin. As a part of 5 day Adrenalin League, an international paragliding speedgliding race with the takeoff on mountain Stol, another race for paragliding pilots will take place. Only the best 10 pilots from the qualifications will be competing in this race. They will compete in a 7 km long course with the turn points in the surroundings of Kobarid. For the competitors this will be a short race, full of adrenalin and for the spectators it will be an attractive demonstration of how to use the thermal conditions and the rising air to overcome distances. The spectators will be able to watch the action in the air from the square in the centre of Kobarid, where a commentator with the support of experienced pilots will inform them about the activity in the sky. The Adrenalin League is just one of many such competitions in Slovenia which count for the overall winner of Slovenian League. It is an open international competition for pilots who have the FAI license and the required equipment. We expect about 50 topmost pilots to participate in the race.
Besides this competition we will prepare other appealing acts that will take place in the sky above Kobarid: Acro Show, D-bag jump, hang gliding speedgliding, B.A.S.E….


Date: Avgust 2018
Organizer: Adrenalin Association
Place: Kobarid and its surroundings
Discipline: XC paragliding speed race

Klavdij Rakušček