EGO Quark 45 km

Date of competition: Saturday, 1 July 2017
Organizer: Zavod tovarna trajnostnega turizma – GoodPlace
Place: Tolmin, main venue of Soča Outdoor Festival
Discipline: trail run
Distance: around 45,5 km
Total ascend: around 1.379 m

Descrition of the EGO Quark Trail run marathon (45 km)

Start:     Bovec (center)

Finish:   Tolmin, main festival area

The already longest of all three Soča Outdoor Festival runs along the paths of Soča valley, we extended even further, from 28km to 45km in 2016. It was sort of a try and preparation for potential future multi-day run. And it worked! We managed to collect the feedback and impressions from many competitors. The bottomline was rather uniform: the trail run was beautiful. We love to hear that, but we are also convinced that we can make it even better. And we had quite some ideas to make it happen this year. But the reality is that it just takes too long before all the permitions can be obtained and then the track prepared that we had to make a decision to keep the track unchanged this year.

The run will get started at the small square in the center of Bovec and will end in Tolmin at at the main festival venue, where two rivers, Tolminka and Soča meet. Even though most of the trail route we will stick to the official walking path Alpe Adria Trail (AAT) 25 and 26. section), there will be some sections where the running track will leave the AAT, but we will make sure the track to be well marked.

Runners will follow AAT from Bovec toward Boka waterfall, through the forest, parallel to the main road. After 5 kilometers, at the Hydroplant Plužna you will encounter the first hydration station. A bit later you will get to the main road (be careful) but will stay there for not more than 100 – 200m and then you get back to the woods. At the Boka you will come back to the main road, cross the bridge, cross the road and head toward Log Čezsoški, where you will encounter the next hydration station and leave the asphalt for quite some time. You will follow Soča river on your right until you get to the next hydration station at the bridge near the campsite Trnovo. You will not cross the bridge from there, but rather turn slightly left just before the bridge and have a steady climb toward Magozd village. Some asphalt again, unfortunately, to the lovely Drežnica, one of the most beautiful villages in Slovenia (another hydration station), and further to Koseč. That’s where the route start ascending quite rapidly toward Planina Kuhinja – the highest spot on the whole trail run.

The descend leads under the Krn mountain, passing by the hut, trough the Krn village (hydration station), down toward Tolmin. Before getting there the runners will have to demonstrate a bit of a patience to make the last few kilometers running on the rather unattractive straight dirt road. Two more hydration stations to be encountered by the end of the trail (above the Volarje village and the last one at the campsite Gabrje).


Hydration stations

eltitude Distance from the starting point
Closing time
Hydration station 1 366m 5,7km 8:00
Hydration station 1 354m 8,9km 8:45
Hydration station 1 309m 15,5km 9:45
Hydration station 1 543m 22,5km 11:00
Hydration station 1 1.166m 29,7km 12:15
Hydration station 1 857m 33,1km 12:45
Hydration station 1 370m 38,8km 13:45
Hydration station 1 166m 41,4km 14:15
155m 45,5km 15:00

Link to GPX.

Required equipment at the race:

  • Competitor start number visible
  • Hydration container (bidon, hydro pack,…)
  • Foil Heat Blanket
  • Wind protection jacket
  • Whistle
  • Charged mobile phone

Registration fee:

  • From 1st of February to 3rd of April 2017:  40,00 €
  • From 2nd of April to 26th of June 2017: 45,00 €
  • On the competition day: 50,00 €


  • On-line registration
  • On the day of competition at the registration service at the festival venue
  • Early registration is valid only when paid on the organizer’s bank account

Group registration:

  • The minimal number of contestants is 5
  • Registration fee is 20% lower than the normal price for individual competitors
  • To sign up as a group, please visit this web site
  • If there will be over 10 people in your group, we can print your logo on our t-shirt (IMPORTANT: contact


  • Men to 30 years (born 1987 or younger)
  • Men to 40 years (born 1977–1986)
  • Men to 50 years (born 1967–1976)
  • Men to 60 years (born 1957–1966)
  • Men over 60 years (born before 19577
  • Women to 30 years (born 1986 or younger)
  • Women to 40 years (born 1977–1986)
  • Women to 50 years (born between 1967–1976)
  • Women to 60 years (born 1957–1966
  • Women over 60 years (born before 1957)

Timetable for the race day (Saturday 1 July):

The race numbers can also be picked-up  on Friday, 30 June 2017  19:00 – 20:00.

05:30              Race number pickup for registered competitors
05:30              Registration of new contestants
06:00              Bus departure from Tolmin toward the trail run starting point in Bovec

7:00                 Start of Ego Quark trail run
15:00              End of timing for Eqo Quark Trail run
15.00              Proclamation of results and award ceremony

All participants receive:

  • Refreshments along the trail (water and/or food stations)
  • A meal and drink at the end
  • Running Adidas t-shirt


  • The registration service will be set at the main festival venue
  • By paying the registration fee and signing the registration form the participants accept the terms and conditions and agree to undertake the competition at their own risk (For underage participants the parents or caregivers accept the responsibility by signing the registration form)
  • The signing of registration forms will take place at the registration service at the same time as the race number pickup
  • Medical care will be placed along the trail.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program. If any changes shall be accepted the participants will be notified in time
  • The organizer does not accept liability for any damage or injury made by the competitors to themselves, to other competitors or to a third person
  • A designated parking space will be available for teams, competitors and spectators

Problems with registration:; Phone: +386 41 855 782

Other questions:
Klemen Štular,

T: +386 41 770 197