Date of competition: Saturday, 30 June 2018
Organizer: Zavod tovarna trajnostnega turizma – GoodPlace
Place: Tolmin, main venue of Soča Outdoor Festival
Discipline: trail run
Distance: around 45 km
Total ascend: around 1.600 m

Description of the Trail run marathon (41,5 km)

Start:     Tolmin, main festival area

Finish:   Tolmin, main festival area

The  longest of all Soča Outdoor Festival trail runs is going to change. A lot! And we are quite sure you’re gonna like it! We have listen to your comments and ideas so, first of all – our longest trail run will start with all the others trail runs – in Tolmin and it will follow the 25 trail run towards Kamp Gabrje where it steeply turns and ascends towards the Tolmin Castle. From the top of the castle, the trail leads to the village Zatolmin and then to the Tolmin gorges.

From here a new part of our trail stats, taking you to Church of Holly Spirit in Javorca and forward, to the spring of Tolminka River, Prode monutain pasture and to village Čadrg. From there you will go back down to Tolminska korita and join the 25 trail run, towards bridge across Soča (Volčanski bridge) and later on to the top of hill Mengore. The route will take you through bunkers from the First World War. From the top of Mengore you will descent till the finish line on the confluence between Tolminka and Soča.

Required equipment at the race:

  • Competitor start number visible
  • Hydration container (bidon, hydro pack,…)
  • Foil Heat Blanket
  • Wind protection jacket
  • Whistle
  • Charged mobile phone

Registration fee:

until 31. 12. 2017: 35 EUR

until 23. 4. 2018: 40 EUR

until 18. 6. 2018 45 EUR

on the spot: 55 EUR


  • On-line registration
  • On the day of competition at the registration service at the festival venue
  • Early registration is valid only when paid on the organizer’s bank account

Group registration:

  • The minimal number of contestants is 5
  • Registration fee is 20% lower than the normal price for individual competitors
  • To sign up as a group, please visit this web site
  • If there will be over 10 people in your group, we can print your logo on our t-shirt (IMPORTANT: contact


  • Men to 30 years (born 1988 or younger)
  • Men to 40 years (born 1978–1987)
  • Men to 50 years (born 1968–1977)
  • Men to 60 years (born 1958–1967)
  • Men over 60 years (born before 1958)
  • Women to 30 years (born 1988 or younger)
  • Women to 40 years (born 1978–1987)
  • Women to 50 years (born between 1968–1977)
  • Women to 60 years (born 1958–1967)
  • Women over 60 years (born before 1958)

All participants receive:

  • Refreshments along the trail (water and/or food stations)
  • A meal and drink at the end
  • Running Adidas t-shirt


  • The registration service will be set at the main festival venue
  • By paying the registration fee and signing the registration form the participants accept the terms and conditions and agree to undertake the competition at their own risk (For underage participants the parents or caregivers accept the responsibility by signing the registration form)
  • The signing of registration forms will take place at the registration service at the same time as the race number pickup
  • Medical care will be placed along the trail.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program. If any changes shall be accepted the participants will be notified in time
  • The organizer does not accept liability for any damage or injury made by the competitors to themselves, to other competitors or to a third person
  • A designated parking space will be available for teams, competitors and spectators

Problems with registration:; Phone: +386 41 855 782

Other questions:
Klemen Štular,

T: +386 41 770 197