Yoga is the knowledge about nature, people and life. In our times, yoga is becoming more and more popular, because unlike the constant progress, rush and stress, it puts people first and their health and personal satisfaction. The fast-pace way of life and the lack of personal time have become a part of our everyday-life. Sooner or later the consequences include fatigue of the body, mind and spirit. The good point is, that with rest or a walk-through nature, we rest our body, but it is equally as important to rest our minds and slow down our everyday lifestyle. Yoga teaches us that. The emerald Soča in an embrace of beautiful nature provides us with excellent possibilities to concentrate on ourselves and try to calm down our mind and body in a Yoga position or as it is called in Yoga, an asani. The main purpose of yoga and all of us is simple; let us learn to be happy and grateful for the small things. For that we do not need much.

At the Outdoor yoga, we are going to take a good hour to fully calm down, to feel our body, to stretch it out and to teach it something new. Teaching the body new things means to find yourself out of your comfort-zone and to stimulate the brain with new information. The session is adjusted to everyone’s liking – to those who already know about yoga, and to those, who come across yoga for the first time. The only things you need are comfortable clothes and a basis, which can also be a bigger towel or a yoga-mat.
You have two dates available:

JOGA FOR SORE MUSCELS, on Saturday, the 1st of July at 16 o’ clock at registration

After the all-day activities and physical effort at the Soča Outdoor Festival, a quality stretching is urgently needed. With yoga exercises, we will make secure, that the body relaxes and the mind slows down.

YOGA FOR A BETTER DAY, on Sunday, the 2nd of July at 8.30 o’ clock at registration

For a better awakening and a beautiful day, we will stretch with the greeting to the sun and to emerald Soča.
Both dates of yoga are free, but you assure your part in the session with a registration via e-mail on samantha.konec@gmail.com, because the number of the participants is limited. An hour of yoga could be supported by your voluntary donations.
Samantha is a certified yoga-instructor with a five-year experience for group exercises. She is very happy, when every participant at her session comes to realize something new about her or his body and leaves with a smile on his face.